Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Orb of Truth Giveaway!!!

One lucky winner, will have a chance of winning all this
$25 Amazon Gift Card
The Orb Of Truth T-shirt (Large) by Brae Wyckoff
Autographed rack card by Brae Wyckoff
Autographed Book by Brae Wyckoff
... A set of Baby and Echo by J.K. Accinni (Paperbook or Ebook...Depending on where you live)
"Universal Life Force Series featuring Antiquity Calais Vol. I and II"Ebook by Jim Henry
Autographed CD "Carry On" by Ruslan
Autographed book by Academy Award Winner, Peter Berkos "Tpito the Third Twin"

All you have to do is purchase "The Orb Of Truth" by Brae Wyckoff Paperback or kindle. To enter just PM Aileen Aroma with a copy of your purchase and/or order #

Kindle version

Paperback version

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