Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sorry I've been away!

Okay first I gotta apologize for being gone for almost a year! I promise to get some more reviews posted soon. I've had a lot going on, broken leg (luckily that was almost a year ago and it's healed now!), my oven blew up on me, so I got to get a new stove (Yay, I love it!) and my hubby got a new to us car (Yay for him). Okay I'll stop boring ya'll with my life and give ya some book news :-)

 Author Julieanne Lynch just had a book released today and I can't wait to read it! Fighting Shadows (A Shadow World Novel Book 3) (Here is the link: Fighting Shadows (Shadow Worlds Novel Book 3) ) I've bought it now I'm just waiting on my new Kindle Fire to get here ;) While waiting for the Kindle Fire I am currently reading a book called Butterfly Groove: A Mother's Mystery, A Daughter's Journey by Jessica Barraco, so far I'm really liking it. (Here is the link for it Butterfly Groove: A Mother's Mystery, A Daughter's Journey).

If you haven't read the first two books in the Shadow World Novels by Julieanne Lynch then here are the links to them as well, actually here is one link that groups all three of the books together, even better, right? A Shadow World Novel (3 Book Series).

Okay I'm off here for now, will try to get some reviews posted tomorrow....

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